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4-H Shooting Sports

The 4-H Shooting Sports Program uses a safe and effective teaching method to educate our youth about firearms.

4-H Shooting Sports will teach youth development, self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, team- work, sportsmanship and self-esteem. The discipline and self-control required for responsible firearms use carries over into many other aspects of life.

4-H Programs provide a positive experience for youth and promote the safe and ethical use of firearms.

It is the belief of the entire 4-H Program that proper education of firearms reduces gun accidents and injuries.

About the Instructors

Certified instructors will lead youth in this program. Our county volunteers have gone through a fourteen- hour state training in the disciplines of Archery and Rifle. The instruction was a combination of how to work with and instruct youth, safety factors involved in firearms, risk management, and collaborating with other state instructors on the programs in their counties. Our certified instructors will work together and train youth in these two disciplines.

Rifle instruction will include, eye dominance, safety of the firearms, handing off of firearms, parts of the firearms, eye and ear protection, and target shooting. Youth will be

trained to be a shooter as well as a coach. Special shooting commands and flag will be used on the range.

Archery instruction will include the history of the bow and arrow, parts of the bow and arrow, safe shooting methods, protective clothing, eye dominance, and how to safely fire a bow and arrow. Target shooting and all around fun will be a major part of this project.

Shotgun/Muzzleloader instruction will be a part of our program as well. There will be a zero tolerance to behavior during these curriculums. Participants must go through rifle program before entering in these curriculums as well as meet the age requirements (age 10 for shotgun and 12 for muzzleloader.

About the Club

The instructors will work in the discipline of Rifle through the fall and winter months and Archery in the spring and summer months. The members will select a name for the club. A registration fee of
$30 per child will be used to fund equipment and range materials, targets and other items. If your child has a rifle, air gun, pellet gun, or bow and arrow, and they pass the inspection of our instructors, your child will be permitted to use their own equipment.

The club will engage in other aspects of 4-H such as displays, presentations, community service, and the 4-H Fair. This club will join forces with other teams from different counties and become involved in friendly shooting sports competitions, as well as getting together to share a special interest.
Guest speakers will be invited to attend meetings. Members will learn parliamentary procedure and take the role of club officers. A short business meeting will take place, and then the club will proceed with the discipline at that time.

Your Part as a Parent

As a parent you may become one of our certified instructors which would help the club out tremendously. As a part of the Hunterdon County 4-H Program we will need to fulfill its obligation to the County 4-H Program and help with county fund raising and events. Your help as a parent is always needed and appreciated. Help with county activities such as baking for events, or helping to set up a display is also needed.
You are welcome to stay at club meetings and share your thoughts with the club leaders. Please be sure keep an open mind to training methods and encourage your children to follow the safe training methods at home when target shooting in your back yard.

Registration and Meeting Place

The club will meet the 4th Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the Quakertown Recreation Club. Meeting dates may be changed due to holidays. We hope to have your family become involved in this 4-H Shooting Sports Program. To become an official member of the club you will need to contact 4-H Leader Sherrie Peterson (908)782-1682, compete and sign a New Member Form, club agreement form and pay your $45 dues.