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Hunterdon Deadeyes
4-H Shooting Sports


Come out for the day Sunday, April 7, 2019 at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Lehigh PA , for the 4-H Sporting Clays Tournament. Registration starts at 8:30

All proceeds benefit Hunterdon Deadeyes 4-H Shooting Sports Club and our members who are representing New Jersey at National trips!

Our Club is Currently Closed to new members,
will reopen Enrollment in September 2019

The Hunterdon Deadeyes 4-H Shooting Sports began in the fall of 2004, today we have over 50 members and 14 certified instructors. Certified 4-H Instructors teach disciplines in Archery, Rifle, Shotgun and Muzzle Loader. The club’s main focus is safety and safe practices around firearms. Our members are put into small groups and go through training classes and become certified members in the different curriculums.

Archery is one of the main disciplines in the club. Members learn all about safety, range rules, equipment, nine steps to the ten-ring, and how to become a more improved shooter. Club instructors and 4-H coaches teach archery programs at 4-H camp events, township recreation programs, boy scouts, and the fair. It is through our Archery Program at our fair that we are able to support our club with equipment in all disciplines. Our archery members have participated in 4-H competitions, fun events and have taught archery programs in the schools and recreation camps.

The club members enjoy our Rifle program. Three main rules of firearm safety, the range and firing commands, followed by equipment and their uses are the three topics that are discussed prior to shooting. Participants practice safety and range procedures by learning on a laser beam hit. The beam hit is a major teaching tool in this curriculum. It not only allows the member to use all the rules of safety it teaches them how to aim and sight in their target. The members leave the meeting with a print out of their first shots in the club. Members start off in the bench seat position and then to the off-hand position.
Shotgun and Muzzle Loader are offered to club members who have been certified in Archery and Rifle and who have completed one year in the Archery and Rifle program. The class begins with instructional training, safety lessons, and learning

about proper eye and ear protection. A range is set up and range rules are used. In all of our curriculum's 4-H allows the kids to “learn by doing” using “hands on” teaching methods. It is one of our goals to allow the members to shoot as soon as they understand all the safety involved in firearms. 4-H instructors instruct and coach the kids as they are shooting.
Through club meetings and gatherings the members also learn about respect for firearms, responsibility, s elf control, and self-discipline. Members participate in record keeping and 4-H presentations. Several of our members have participated in the presentation contest presented included: Types of Shotguns, Hunter Safety Course, NJ and the Civil War (time period firearms), Joining the US Olympic Archery Team, and Parts of the Bow and Arrow.

The club participates in community service projects such as cleaning up the 4-H fairgrounds, and the recreation facility. Community outreach and county events are also an important part of how we expose our club. The club attends many County functions and sets up informational booths at the library and fair for club promotion. Club members attend the Holiday Workshop and sell items as a mini club fund raiser.

The Hunterdon Deadeyes is the fastest growing club in Hunterdon County. It is through the support of our Hunterdon County 4-H Association, Certified Instructors, Club Leaders, and the NJ Shooting Sports Advisory Council that has made this program a success. Many donations have been made to the club from various supporters and organizations. The club has received grant numerous grants from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has allowed the club to become equipped in the different curriculum's. Crosman Foundation generously donates pellets and targets along with other requests for our fair. The club received a grant from Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) for our shotgun curriculum; the grant included a trap, cleaning kits, ammunition, and clay targets.
Through county fundraising efforts and donations made by local sponsors the club has been able to support itself. Fundraising is a major part of the Hunterdon Deadeyes program. A huge fund raiser is held during the 5 day fair where instructors, members and parents work inside the booth from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. teaching archery and air rifle. Members of the Hunterdon Deadeyes have qualified to participate on the NJ State Shooting Sports Teams and attend the National 4-H Invitational since
2009. Team members do numerous fund raisers throughout the year to raise enough funds to support their participation. This year, there were 5 Hunterdon County members who were part of the New Jersey Archery Team and New Jersey Smallbore Rifle Team.

Competition is not the main focus of the club, but all members enjoy attending matches. The New State Advisory Council supports state matches and competition. Matches have been held in the curriculums of Archery, Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and Shotgun. Both Junior and Senior members are encouraged to participate. Members learn a great deal by attending matches, they learn the rules set out by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, NRA and 4-H. They learn how about postal matches, checking in equipment, how to improve their shooting skills through preparation and practice, and what equipment and ammo they should bring to the match.
The club meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, 7 p.m. at the Quakertown Recreation Gun Club. For information about this club please contact Sherrie and Matt Peterson, (908)782-1862. Registration and admittance into the club occurs each year in October. There is an initial $65.00 registration fee.